FAU Human Rights Talks Winter Term 2022/23

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The Forgotten: Women’s Rights in Afghanistan


What are the next Human Rights Talks about?

Participants in the FAU Human Rights Talks of winter term 2020/21 with Commissioner Alexia Amesbury (African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights).

The Human Rights Talks of winter term 2022/2023 will focus on women’s rights in Afghanistan.

For decades, attempts to strengthen women’s rights in Afghanistan have rivaled headwinds from religious and conservative groups.

Since the Taliban took power in August 2021, the rights of Afghan women have been increasingly restricted, contrary to the Taliban’s promises during the opening days.




Participants in the FAU Human Rights Talks of winter term 2020/21 with Judge Tim Eicke (Judge for the United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights).


We will hold introductory workshops to familiarize ourselves with the basics – such as the history of women’s rights or the relationship between state law and Sharia law.

Then, in regular Zoom sessions, we will engage with selected speakers to hear first-hand experiences of those affected, receive analysis of the situation from academics, and hear from NGOs about how to move forward.





Video conference with Justice Sylvain Oré (President of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights) as part of the FAU Human Rights Talks of summer term 2019.

Who can participate in the Human Rights Talks?

Law students (during all phases of their studies, including doctoral students), students of the Human Rights Master, Erasmus-students as well as all students from other disciplines are invited to participate in the FAU Human Rights Talks.

Optional acquisition of certificates (Seminararbeit) or ECTS credit points can be personally discussed with Professor Wiater in advance.






Participants in the FAU Human Rights Talks of winter term 2019/20 at BMW in Munich.


Two introductory workshops (4th Nov. 2022 / 3rd Feb. 2023) will be held in presence, accompanied by regular Friday Zoom sessions during the winter term.

The exact times will be announced as soon as possible.








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Further Information

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