Am 15.07.2022 findet um 14 Uhr (c.t.) im Raum JDC 1.281 eine Informationsveranstaltung statt, in der die HRC sowie der diesjährige Projektpartner (DIMR) vorgestellt werden und offene Fragen geklärt werden können. Die Veranstaltung findet in einem hybriden Format statt. Der Zoom-Link zur Online-Teiln...

For decades, attempts to strengthen women's rights in Afghanistan have rivaled headwinds from religious and conservative groups. Since the Taliban took power in September 2021, the rights of Afghan women have been increasingly restricted, contrary to the Taliban's promises during the opening days. We will engage with selected speakers to hear first-hand experiences of those affected, receive analysis of the situation from academics, and hear from NGOs about how to move forward.